Wholesale web application development

This project is about developing a web application for usage in the wholesale industry integrated with the common features of e-commerce platforms such as product lists, shopping carts, etc., and additional features related to wholesale activities such as procurements, quotations, wholesalers, and retailers, etc.

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We have been trusted by one of our clients and received an offer to develop a wholesale web application. they require us to develop a web application with the following features. login, logout, retailer mode, wholesaler mode, product lists, product description, product search, shopping cart, offer purchase, offer confirmation, discount, receipt, etc.


We started discussion with our clients about project design and what kind of technology to be used for UI, back-end, and database. Eventually, our client chose Reactjs (JavaScript frameworks) as the front-end technology, Nodejs as the back-end technology, and Google's cloud services (Firebase) used as databases.

We conduct a comprehensive planning of the entire process and start the project. We use several technologies in this project to create a ready product for the real world.

Even if the project is a complex and highly detailed web application. However, this project needs to be easily accessible to visitors or users to increase usage rates and increase sales. For this reason, this project is a complex web application requiring good SEO. So, we decided to use Nextjs framework for developing this project which is the server-side rendering of Reactjs framework. Because, server-side rendering makes SPA (Single Page Application) behave like regular HTML, resulting in better SEO, increased usage rates, and increased sales.